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Informed by the latest research and 20+ years of clinical work, and honed through hundreds of worldwide presentations, these one-of-a-kind online training video courses explore all aspects of developing social competencies including building self-regulation, executive functioning, social problem solving abilities, and much more. Some modules were filmed together to teach about a larger topic; those have been grouped into series to help you learn the information sequentially. All courses offer access to continuing education credit for select professions in the U.S. and Canada and a personalized Certificate of Completion!

Social Thinking

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Assessing Social Competencies Requires More Than Standardized Tests

Key concepts explored in this series: social competencies, assessment tools, perspective taking, standardized tests, IEP/504 plan

2 Module Series

Discover how to use Social Thinking's Informal Dynamic Assessment tasks and related assessment tools to gain a deeper understanding of an individual's social strengths and struggles. Learn why virtually all standardized tests fall short with assessment of real-time social abilities-and how to work around that shortcoming.

Part 1: Social Thinking Informal Dynamic Assessment Tasks

Part 2: Social Thinking Informal Dynamic Assessment Tasks

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Executive Functioning


Key concepts explored in this Series: executive functioning, organizational skills, self-motivation, growth mindset, academic performance, study skills, homework help

4 Module Series

Gain a better understanding of executive functioning and the many ways it impacts academic performance, self-regulation, time management, and more. Learn specific strategies to help strengthen an individual's organized thinking and improve motivation and organizational skills for those with and without social learning challenges.

Module 1: Getting Organized to Teach Organizational Concepts & Skills


Module 2: Strategies to Rally Motivation to Develop & Carry Out the Plans


Module 3: Planning, Predicting & Managing Work Across Time


Module 4: Taking Perspective: Priorities, Assignments, Attention Span, Communication Skills & Transitioning to Adulthood

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Implementing the Social Thinking Methodology with Fidelity


Key concepts explored in this Series: Superflex curriculum, You Are a Social Detective, PBIS & RTI, self-regulation, social awareness

4 Module Series

Learn best teaching practices-including scope and sequencing-for popular Social Thinking products You Are a Social Detective and Superflex: A Social Thinking Superhero Curriculum. Includes a discussion on using We Thinkers! Volume 1 and Volume 2 with early learners.


Module 1: Become a Social Detective Before You Learn to Self-Regulate!


Module 2: Getting to Self-Regulation: Introducing Rock Brain & the Team of Unthinkables


Module 3: Exploring the Superflex Curriculum & How It Fits into the School Day


Module 4: Expanding Superflex’s Teachings & Exploring Use Across Different Age Groups

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The Social-Academic Connection


Key concepts explored in this Series: social competencies, perspective taking, social cognition, social academic connection, social emotional learning concepts & frameworks, inferential reasoning

4 Module Series

Discover how social cognition is essential to academic abilities such as reading comprehension of literature, written expression, and group work-and how to reinforce this valuable competency using our ILAUGH Model of Social Cognition. Related treatment strategies for use across the home and school day are explained in detail.


Module 1: Why Teaching Social Competencies Goes Beyond Social Skills Training

Module 2: Initiating Communication & Listening with Eyes, Ears, and Brain

Module 3: Abstracting-Inferencing & Understanding Perspective

Module 4: Getting the Big Picture, Humor + Human Relationships & Social Learning Tree


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Teaching Our Vocabulary, Frameworks & Motivational Strategies

This Category contains 1 Series and 2 Stand-Alone Modules (see below).

Discover some of Social Thinking's core treatment frameworks and Social Thinking Vocabulary, plus learn fresh strategies to motivate social learning. Includes unique modules designed to introduce young learners to basic Social Thinking concepts, and to help teens learn how to foster friendships, find motivation, and converse more effectively.

Social Thinking

An Introduction to Social Thinking Vocabulary & Treatment Frameworks


Key concepts explored in this Series: Social Thinking vocabulary, social skills, social concepts, self-awareness, size of the problem

2 Module Series

To teach components of the Social Thinking Methodology well means we need to consciously avoid assumptions about an individual’s working knowledge of the social world. In these modules, we will introduce core Social Thinking treatment frameworks and vocabulary for use with individuals of different ages and social learning abilities. These modules represent a sampling of some of our core frameworks and strategies and are intended to give viewers an introduction to how to teach students to think socially to develop self-awareness of the concepts.


Module 1: Part 1: Social Thinking Vocabulary & Treatment Frameworks


Module 2: Part 2: Social Thinking Vocabulary & Treatment Frameworks




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Teens, Transition to Adulthood & Living as an Adult

This Category contains 2 Series and 1 Stand-Alone Module (see below).

As we age, our social competencies are expected to become more sophisticated. This can be difficult to keep up with for even the savviest social minds! Get practical insights to help adolescents and young adults manage increasingly complex social demands. Learn strategies to foster social competencies, relationship development, and independent living skills while helping individuals experience deeper well-being.

Social Thinking

To Infinity & Beyond: Preparing Adolescents to Launch into the Real World


Key concepts explored in this Series: transition to adulthood, career coaching, relationship development, inner coach, social anxiety, independent living skills, teenagers

6 Module Series

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Flirting, Dating & Sustaining Relationships: How Do You Teach This?


Key concepts explored in this Series: emerging sexuality and ASD, flirting, dating, sexual relationships and the law, relationship pyramid

2 Module Series

In this series, we will address a range of topics including but not limited culture, religion and emerging sexuality for weak social learners and especially those on the autism spectrum, pornography and the law, how we need to teach different types of lessons for students with different social learning levels as well as many practical strategies and teaching tips.


Module 1: Hot Topics in Flirting & Dating: Culture, the Law & Direct Teaching Tips


Module 2: Practical Strategies to Teach About Flirting & Dating



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