We Thinkers! Volume 1 Extra Storybook Set

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  • Ages: 4-7
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 4003
  • Published: 2013


UPDATE: SERIES TITLE CHANGE We Thinkers Volume 1 Storybook Set Component Distinction

The Incredible Flexible You Volume 1 has been renamed to We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers. No content has changes, only the title has changed.


IMPORTANT—Please Note!

This set of storybooks is meant to supplement the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers Curriculum Package; these books are NOT intended to be used as stand-alone teaching tools and they do NOT include teaching materials. All teaching materials are presented in the Volume 1 curriculum book. 


About the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Extra Storybook Set 

The set of five storybooks is included in the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers Curriculum Package, and is sold separately on this page. Remember, the storybooks are not intended to be used as stand-alone teaching tools, but extra sets of storybooks can help further engage students if you're teaching the Volume 1 curriculum to a class or therapy group. They're also a great resource for parents of children working on the concepts in school or therapy to continue the learning at home.  


Through the adventures of four likable characters—Evan, Ellie, Jesse, and Molly—children are introduced to and learn about complex social concepts in a language they can understand. Readers journey along with the characters as their adventures unfold in kid-friendly settings that mirror children’s experiences and inspire their imaginations: in the classroom, on a farm, underwater in the ocean, in outer space, and at the zoo. The Volume 1 storybooks and curriculum can be used to help children develop better self awareness and perspective taking when sharing space or interacting with others. Colorful illustrations and playful storybook adventures ignite curiosity and imagination to make learning these five Social Thinking concepts irresistibly fun: 


  • Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings (Classroom Adventure)
  • The Group Plan (Adventure on the Farm)
  • Thinking with Your Eyes (Adventure in Space)
  • Body in the Group (Ocean Adventure)
  • Whole Body Listening (Zoo Adventure)


Playful Stop and Notice, Stop and Discuss, and Stop and Do icons in the storybooks help the interventionist structure reading/teaching the concepts. (Explanation of the teaching moments and related activities are detailed in the Volume 1 curriculum.)


The stories and learning continue with deeper social concepts and activities in Volume 2: Social Problem Solvers Deluxe Package. Teaching is sequential across this early learner series, so be sure to work through the concepts, stories, and lesson units in Volume 1 before using the Volume 2!

We Thinkers V1- Storybook 1

Unit 1:  Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings (Classroom Adventure)

What does it mean to think a thought or feel a feeling? In this story, Evan, Ellie, Jesse and Molly become more aware of their own thoughts and feelings and explore the idea that others have thoughts and feelings too—pivotal concepts that set the stage for the Social Thinking concepts that follow.




We Thinkers V1- Storybook 2Unit 2:  The Group Plan (Adventure on the Farm)

Understanding what it means to be part of a group is a fundamental social concept to instill in early learners. In this story, our four characters learn when everyone is thinking about and doing the same thing, they're part of the group plan—which they discover is vastly different from following one's own plan.


Introduces the group plan and builds on Unit 1 concepts to help children begin to appreciate how our thoughts and feelings affect others.




We Thinkers V1- Storybook 3Unit 3: Thinking with Your Eyes (Adventure in Space)

The concept of thinking with your eyes helps children understand there is a purpose for observing others and the environment. In this book, Evan, Ellie, Jesse and Molly land on an alien planet and learn that while verbal communication with aliens may be challenging, by thinking with their eyes they can figure out how to interact—and have out-of-this-world good times—with the mysterious beings they encounter.


Such a pivotal concept—using our eyes and brain to notice what's happening around us!



We Thinkers V1- Storybook 4Unit 4:  Body in the Group (Ocean Adventure)

While we may realize the importance of verbal language in a conversation, it is important to understand that physical proximity sends a nonverbal message to others and is a key ingredient to successful social interactions. In this adventure, Evan, Ellie, Jesse, and Molly learn that keeping their body in the group means maintaining a comfortable physical presence around others—not too close, yet not too far away. Just like all the colorful sea life!


Introduces the body in the group and builds on the first three concepts as we help children begin to realize how these social concepts work together (they are not independent of each other) and how our physical actions affect others.



We Thinkers V1- Storybook 5Unit 5:  Whole Body Listening (Zoo Adventure)

The concept of whole body listening was introduced in 1990 by Susanne Poulette Truesdale to help young children understand that listening is an active process. In this storybook Evan, Ellie, Jesse, and Molly learn that listening is more than just using their ears—we listen with our eyes, ears, mouth, hands, arms, legs, and feet!


Deepens children's understanding of the synergy among the first five social concepts taught in Volume 1 and how what we each say and what we each do affects others.

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