Superflex 2nd Edition Kit Launch Party

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This 60-minute free webinar explores:

  • How to empower your students to activate their superpowers of flexible thinking, executive functions, self-regulation & more
  • New Superflex characters, Thinkables & UnthinkaBots
  • A preview of 25 interactive quests, a step-by-step teaching guide & PowerPoints
  • A look inside the new Superflex® 2nd Edition Kit


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Woohoo—it’s here! The new updated and expanded 2nd edition of the Superflex® curriculum and storybook has just been published! It’s been 16 years since we launched the beloved first edition, and there are so many cool new additions and super updates we are thrilled to share with you. Although you loved Superflex 1.0, you’ve been asking us for more, providing feedback for years on what would make Superflex even better, more accessible, and easier to teach. We’ve been listening and working hard on creating and testing this new revised version to meet these needs while keeping it super motivating and fun for kids—and educators, therapists, and caregivers too.

5 reasons to celebrate this new edition of the Superflex® Curriculum

  1. It’s flexible. The new edition allows educators or parents to use their own style of teaching. The print curriculum provides the structure of step-by-step instruction. Those who prefer less structure can rely more on the online digital PowerPoints and downloadable Thinksheets to guide their teaching of each quest (lesson).
  2. New storybook characters showcase diversity and inclusion. We’ve added two new Superflex characters, Jaden and Olivia, and their sidekicks, Woof and Otis. This edition highlights that there are many Superflexes in the world; we are all our own Superflex.
  3. This edition places equal emphasis on Thinkables®, the positive, prosocial strategies kids can activate to manage the sneaky UnthinkaBots® and their Bot powers that prevent us from meeting our social and academic goals. Each UnthinkaBot now has a Thinkable character to ward off the Bots’ powers.
  4. The new edition teaches how to empower kids to understand themselves and learn tools and strategies to move past what gets in their way in meeting their own social and academic goals.
  5. The updated Superflex curriculum series (Social Detective + Superflex) was initially rolled out as a pilot project over two academic school years in large school districts with diverse student populations across all tiers of instruction. The curriculum series was also part of a multi-site randomized control pilot study. Preliminary results are looking very promising, so stay tuned!
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